Athlean x before and after

Athlean-X Review

athlean x before and after

Hey Jeff, Just finished your XERO Program. Man, I've done some body weight programs in the past - that one KICKED MY ASS Royally!! That was a beautiful.

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Need Help? United States. Results 1 to 12 of Thread: Athlean-X. Athlean-X Has any purchased the 90 day training programme? If so, is it worth it? Watching the Youtube videos, it seems really good.

Bought Wolverine in Aug of , then with max size. One of the best gym programs ever. He has programs for all type of workout. He is the best in the business. I recently purchased the beast program from Athlean x website.

Sort By:. I bought the entire program and I love it, absolutely fantastic and I'm only in week 7.
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Sort By:. Matt Flynn: 25 Hinsdale, Illinois. That was a beautiful Program. Being a student with an Exercise Science degree, going for my Masters degree in exercise phys - I could write up my own workout program, but I'd probably do the things that I want to do and not the things that I need to do. I was sore for days for some of your workouts but it was great.

Athlean-X Review – Is Jeff’s program really worth it?

I've only recently found out about the Athlean-X channel on YouTube. Though, I'm still a little bit concerned that if it's just going to be another scam. My goal is to increase mass and build up muscles.


Sort By:. Mark Turk: 22 Wollongong, Australia. I went through the struggle of trying different ways and programs such as p90x, looking to get maximum results and putting on heaps of mass, but nothing beat ATHLEAN-X. Before joining Team Athlean, I was watching Jeff's videos on YouTube and was amazed by his different, yet intense workout videos. I subscribed and I have to say, Jeff's regular videos helped me a lot. Let us help you choose a program Choose My Program.

There's probably just a tiny fraction of people interested in fitness who don't know who Jeff Cavaliere is. We all saw numerous videos of Jeff giving pro tips absolutely for free. And he spends a lot of time making those YouTube videos with his trusty colleague Jesse, just to bring his Athlean-X program to people's attention. Athlean-X program is not so new, but it is the youngest among the similar premium programs developed and offered by different coaches. Let's dig a bit deeper, and review the Athlean-X workout plan.

I have always been fast, strong, and explosive. In short, I was an athlete and I looked like one too. But, when you go through 8 years to get your doctorate and have 3 kids in 3 years, life and your priorities start to change. I am 33 years old and still in great shape, but I had the urge to get back into real training. I missed being a highly explosive athlete, and I just looked skinnier than I wanted to.

The Truth About Jeff Cavaliere – Athlean-X

Try QualityGains. Previous Next. View Larger Image. The best of the fitness industry. And there are a couple great reasons why.




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