Marty the robot stop and shop

Now That Theyre in Grocery Stores, Has the Robot Backlash Begun?

marty the robot stop and shop

Marty the robot - Stop & Shop - Connecticut - March 7, 2019

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Marty, a six-foot-tall pillar with googly eyes, roams the stores, beeping gently as it scans the floor for trash and spills. The robot's cameras take a picture, which is then sent to a worker hundreds of miles away at a facility run by the company TaskUs. The worker looks at the picture to confirm the problem, then Marty alerts customers and store employees. A robotic warehouse system designed by the Waltham-based company Takeoff assembles online grocery orders for several stores in the Hartford, Conn. And the company plans to launch remote-controlled delivery cars in Greater Boston this spring.

June 10th, by Jessica McKenzie. I was looking for vegetables to grill over hot coals, while Marty roamed the aisles, big, round eyes staring vacantly ahead, searching for spills and other hazardswith electric sensors strategically placed on its tall, rectangular form. Marty, you see, is a supermarket robot. This month the company will begin rolling Marty out to stores in New York. Marty is at the vanguard of the robot revolution, normalizing automation in everyday spaces.

AP A wheeled robot named Marty is rolling into nearly grocery stores to alert employees if it encounters spilled granola, squashed tomatoes or a broken jar of mayonnaise. But to make sure, humans working in a control center in the Philippines review the imagery before triggering a cleanup message over the loudspeaker. Carlisle, Pennsylvania-based Giant says it has two robots now working at stores in the state, and plans to expand to all Giant stores by the middle of this year. Marty the grocery store robot. The googly eyes are fake, but each robot has eight cameras some directed down at the floor and others that can see shelves.

Attention shoppers: I've seen the future of grocery store technology, and let me tell you, we can do better. Luckily, this robot will do it for us. Oddly, all of the robots are named Marty, and atop their tall frames which tower over my own 5 foot, 3 inch stature rests a large pair of google eyes. You know, so as not to come off as complete faceless, emotionless, lifeless bots. This store is monitored by Marty for your safety.

Giant/Martins, Stop & Shop begin robot rollout

2019-03-23 Marty the Robot in Revere Stop & Shop

Is Marty the grocery store robot cool or creepy?

We know this already. Robots stocking shelves and filling orders. Or escort you to your room. The technology of the tomorrow. Robots are cheap, at least when compared the cost of human workers. They can work around the clock. Heck, they never leave the workplace at all.


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  1. Jun 19, At first, shopper Darrell Reitz didn't know what to make of Marty, the robot that beeps its way around Stop & Shop in Brick. But she found out that.

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