Joey king and jacob elordi relationship

Did Joey King and Jacob Elordi Break Up?

joey king and jacob elordi relationship

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The Kissing Booth co-stars Joey King and Jacob Elordi may have taken their relationship out into the real world when they revealed they were dating after filming the movie , but it looks like the couple might've called it quits recently. Here are all the reasons why fans think the couple might have already broken up After going dark on social media in , Jacob decided to reboot his account in the new year, posting his first ever pic in months on New Year's Day. Since then, Jacob has only posted 6 more pics. Some show him on set and in others he's just seen looking dreamy AF, but one thing is for sure missing from all of them, and that's Joey. In Jacob's most recent picture which we posted on March 15 , fans commented with their concerns about how their potential break-up will affect The Kissing Booth sequel.

When it comes to young love, Joey King and Jacob Elordi are the quintessential couple. The two actors have a lot in common, like their love of acting and travel, but there are probably a lot of things you might not know about them. For example, do you know where they actually met? Hint: it wasn't in America. Over their year and a little more romance, the couple have done a lot together and caught the attention of their fans due to their cute social media presence.

Skip navigation! Story from Movies. Yes, Noah attends Harvard, because this is a movie. Elle, who just had a seriously romantic summer with her motorcycle driving, leather jacket-wearing beau, has to decide "how much she trusts" her boyfriend, all while navigating feelings for handsome classmate Marco newcomer Taylor Perez. Related Stories.

Jacob Elordi and Joey King appear to have confirmed their split, after the Netflix couple and stars of The Kissing Booth stopped following each other on Instagram. But it recently emerged the pair have split , after they stopped following each other on Instagram and removed all traces of their romance from social media. As Netflix fans mourn the end of their relationship, we take a look back at their off-screen romance. Speaking about how they met, Joey told Bello magazine last year: "Well, I thought he was very cute when we first met, but it started as a friendship. Right away we were talking about gross things with each other.

Without giving too much away, Elle and Lee made a list of rules when they were younger, and one of them number nine to be exact states that Noah is totally off limits. If you haven't watched the movie yet, get on that because you're bound to fall in love with this love story, especially once you find out the characters were a couple in real life. Yep, you read that right. Joey King and Jacob Elordi dated for some time, but fans are now starting to think the two may have called it quits. Right away we were talking about gross things with each other.

Skip navigation! Story from Pop Culture. Are the stars of one very popular, smooching-centric Netflix flick no longer kissing? It took approximately no time for fans of Netflix teen rom-com The Kissing Booth to gush over the sparks between the film's two leads. While Jacob Eldori and Joey King made quite the match as movie couple Noah and Elle , their social media accounts revealed a real-life love story just as sweet. Alas, now some fans think that love story is over — and it's all due to some fairly weak social media evidence. Totally normal, especially considering that Elordi will likely be plenty busy with HBO's new teen-focused series Euphoria.

8 Signs Jacob Elordi and Joey King Might Have Broken Up

Luckily, in real life, Elordi is nothing like either of those characters and — as I've gathered from his interviews — is actually a super-sweet guy. It definitely doesn't hurt that he's 6'4", fine as hell, and, best of all, Australian., Well, Kissing Booth fans, we're definitely getting a sequel to the Netflix movie sometime soon, but it looks like the romance between the movie's two stars, Joey King and Jacob Elordi, is pretty much done.

The Internet Thinks Joey King & Jacob Elordi Are No Longer Kissing, In A Booth Or Otherwise


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