Mark wiens father and mother

Mark Wiens – Bio, Wife, Parents, Family, Ethnicity, Salary

mark wiens father and mother

Celebrity Travel Addict interview with Mark Weins of Migrationology. My mother is American born Chinese, so my family typically ate Chinese style Additionally, my parents are and were quite adventurous, both traveling.

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It has impacted me hugely. My mother is American born Chinese, so my family typically ate Chinese style food when I was growing up. Additionally, my parents are and were quite adventurous, both traveling and trying new things, so they really nurtured my love for food and travel. Probably about 6 months per year. I like to cover everything from small cities to huge cities, as long as they like to eat there… which I believe is almost everywhere.

Food is a great way to connect with people. We all love to eat, if not for the pleasure of food, the satisfaction of quenching hunger, and the very process of providing and sharing that food is part of the strongest bonds that bind humanity together. Maybe it is our historical connection to food, where it was primarily a scarce necessity until an intellectual breakthrough resulted in cultivation and what is today, known as agriculture. Whatever our attachment to food is, it has lasted generations and is strong enough for men like Mark Wiens to tap into that connection and build a successful food blog, traveling around the world sharing recipes and participating in the ritual of sharing food with strangers all over the world and on the internet. He is a travel and food blogger and so far, he has risen to be one of the leading names on YouTube for the genre.

Not everyone has what it takes to painstakingly brainstorm, test food recipes and then push across the result for other people to learn and benefit from. But thanks to the work of people like Mark Wiens, who is not just a cook but also a food blogger, whose blogs feature tasty, healthy, fresh, and delicious dishes and how to prepare them for consumption, we are all able to eat good food without having to do the dirty work. He began moving around with his parents after his birth in Phoenix, Arizona, on 26th February The ethnically white food blogger was raised by them in Phoenix until the age of five when his family began moving around. Wiens spent some time in Congo, where he became friends with some locals and also got ingrained into their culture. His next stop after that was Nairobi, Kenya, where he also fell in love with a whole lot of things, including their food and culture. Wiens was educated in various schools across Africa, however, he also spent some time in America for his education.

My wife Ying and I are based in Thailand, but we frequently travel while making food videos , and blogging. Other than going to Hawaii and Canada back and forth a few times to visit relatives, this was my first journey.
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He had some unconventional schooling, learned languages, and was immersed in different cultures. Not surprisingly, Mark developed a passion for travel and… his better-known passion, eating! What does your father parents? My parents work with a Christian mission organization. We originally made plans to move to DR Congo which was at the time Zaire to be more specific.

My parents laid a foundation in me from an early age, both for travelling and learning to appreciate food from all over the world. Being raised in a number of different countries, and travelling frequently with my family while growing up, provided me with a very open perspective on the world. Your journey from teacher-cum-blogger to YouTube star has been outstanding; especially now you have over , subscribers and videos attracting millions of views. How did you make the leap into the big leagues? It was about two years after going full-time that I started earning a decent living.

Mark Wiens – Bio, Wife, Parents, Family, Age, Ethnicity, Net Worth

Of course, it is not a walk in the Park! But with people like Mark Wiens, we can conclude that with determination, all is possible. All we need to do is to put in some hard work and be patient.

Q&A – Mark Wiens

Migrationology is a hybrid food-travel channel, accompanied by a blog. As of May , the channel had over , subscribers. Wiens was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but attended his first school in Albertville, France. His parents were Christian missionaries. He was later home-schooled in the Democratic Republic of Congo for three years, and then attended the Rosslyn Academy in Nairobi, Kenya, for eight more years. He graduated with a Bachelor of Global Studies in The same year, he attained a foreign English-teaching certificate while traveling through South America.

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Man's attachment to food has lasted long enough for men like Mark Wiens to tap into that connection and build a successful food blog Read on.
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