Guitar chords and lyrics to lyin eyes by the eagles

The Eagles Lyin Eyes

guitar chords and lyrics to lyin eyes by the eagles

Lyin' Eyes chords The Eagles / G Gmaj7 C Am D G / G Gmaj7 C City girls just seem to find out early Am D How to open doors with just a.

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Difficulty Level: Easy acoustic part. Intermediate electric part. The full lesson covers the acoustic guitar part and the lead guitar part from the intro that reappears after each chorus. The complete file contains 2 lesson videos, 2 performance play thru videos, full tabs, chords and lyrics. Return to Individual Songs page. They will download as Zip files. I use Zipeg which you can get free, here.

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The original song is hosted at www. Chordie works as a search engine and provides on-the-fly formatting. To remove this song please click here. How to [ Am ] open every door with just a smile [ D7 ]. A [ G ] rich old man, and [ G7 ] she wont' have to wor [ C ] ry;. I guess [ Am ] every form of refuge has its price [ D7 ].

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Select the tone you want to play if there is a synced-video, its sound does not change! Do not forget to select a capo position after you select the tone for the easiest fingering positions. Select the capo position. For piano, this represents the virtual transpose key. This does not change the sound but makes playing easier. Horizontal lines represents the difficulty of the chord progression for the selected instrument. After you click PRINT button, a pop-up will be displayed be sure not to block pop-ups with your browser.

Lyin' Eyes - Guitar Chords/Lyrics




Lying Eyes





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  2. [Intro] G Gmaj7 C Am D7 G [Verse] G Gmaj7 C City girls just seem to find out early, Am D7 how to open doors with just a smile. [Chorus] G C G Em Bm Am D You can't hide your lyin' eyes, and your smile is a thin disguise. G G7 C A7 Am D G I thought by now you'd realize there ain't no.

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