The head and the heart honey come home

Josh McBride/Honey Come Home

the head and the heart honey come home

The Head and the Heart - Honey Come Home

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Honey come home my stubborn ways are behind me now They're behind me now And there's nothing here that will not break down like you never did. The kids say hello to us in our separate homes Darling please come home I've cleaned out the fridge Wiped the counters off and put away my clothes. Do you remember every block Every minute of every walk we used to take We were young so many years ago. And I think of all this time that we have wasted with all our fighting and I cry Just want to die with the one I love beside me. Oh God I love my vices but they've taken me to places That I never thought I'd go and I am ready to be home And I think of every spark every whisper in the dark, now it's time Just wanna die with the one I love Just wanna die with the one I love Just wanna die with the one I love Just wanna die with the one I love beside me. Compartilhar no Facebook Compartilhar no Twitter. Envie pra gente.

Ten days shy of the one-year mark from the Saturday morning in March when we recorded our very first fledgling chapel session ever, my friends in The Head and the Heart made a special trip south to meet me at my house one Friday so we could head into the chapel again. I loved how much it felt like home again to all of us. This session was recorded in a very small, secret-feeling white clapboard chapel nestled next to a creek in the Manitou Springs foothills on the way to Pikes Peak, amidst all the resonant golden wood and humble stained-glass windows. I palmed the keys and let us in those creaky painted doors with no one around but maybe the church mice, and the songs started unfolding. The session was laced with the fresh.

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The acoustic guitars took on a head of stream, the low-tuned drums pounded like a distant, gathering storm. Finally, at the big payoff crescendo, singer-violinist Charity Rose Thielen took the mic and ripped off a Southern-soul shout that seemed to come from a wholly new well of primal, musical joy for the band. The Music Box crowd went ballistic.
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Recorded using all vintage analog gear by Seattle's groove-O-matic , who operate under the premise that "Recordings made from to tend to sound better than recordings made before or since," the new single features a song from the band's regular playlist. It has since become a live staple, and they've even played it live on KEXP before. On January 15, you can pick up this special 10" 78rpm, through Electric Records, the 78 rpm division of groove-O-matic which incidentally releases only on 45rpm. This Saturday, April 20th, is Record Store Day , which has become like a national holiday for me and my fellow music lovers and record collecting geeks. Already, with just a rough demo, the Copenhagen-based artist had thrilled so many with his wholly accessib

The Head and The Heart. If this story sounds familiar so far, it should. The Head and The Heart use three-part vocal harmonies a lot. Their superbly constructed vocal harmonies, their heavy percussion, their earnest lyrics, their youthful vigor, and their frequent use of piano and violin make them a somewhat mysterious but incredibly catchy band. I first got into The Head and The Heart when they were a featured band on eMusic one day late in


KEXP Debut: The Head And The Heart - Josh McBride (78 rpm single)

Honey Come Home Lyrics: Honey, come home / My stubborn ways are behind me now / They're behind me now / And there's nothing here.
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