Gramma and ginga family tree

Family tree

gramma and ginga family tree

Three years ago today, Gramma lost her oldest and last child (our mother) at the age of might be orchestrating Gramma and Ginga's fame from heaven. But first and foremost, she LOVED her family more than anything.

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Not my Grandmother Thank you for your humor and love! They are a riot! This is us. Today is Ginga's th birthday. Y'all wish her a Happy Birthday, when you can. Happy early birthday to her too!

October 29, Issue She came up with an interesting idea of a way to raise money for the WIN Scholarship. This is our only money maker for the Annual Scholarship. Always before I would beg for money each month. So I decided that this year, we would try extending our sale of tickets for the Quilt drawing and see if we could indeed make enough money to support the scholarship without me begging each month.

These Two Bickering Grandmas Are the Funniest People on the Internet Right Now

Candy Land also Candyland is a simple racing board game currently published by Hasbro., London Book Festival Honorable MentionCooking with popular personalities, Gramma and Ginga, who have taken the country by storm with their country humor and wisdom of their combined life experiences.

101-year-old Gramma and 96-year-old Ginga from West Virginia are sisters still ARGUING

I'm so stoned gramma is that you? Hi guy my gramma promise2 quite vape if dis meme get k likes guys! Pls double tap before she ded!!! Hai my furiends. I got to spend another day with mum and dad again because of the bad roads. Mum sayz the roads really need to get safe agai Log In Sign Up.

By Jake Polden For Mailonline. Whether it be to outshine the other, to win the attention of a parent or for the sheer fun of it, all siblings argue from time to time. But very few people can say that they have consistently bickered with their brother or sister for an entire century like internet sensations Gramma, , and Ginga, The elderly sisters born from Italian immigrants in Clarksburg, West Virginia, have argued for as long as they can remember and have unintentionally entertained their family in the process. Gramma, , left and Ginga, 96, right have become internet sensations for arguing for a century. Speaking to MailOnline, Ginga, real name Arlene Cody Bashnett, said: 'We love each other but that doesn't stop us from driving each other crazy. I drive her everywhere and all she does is moan about how I drive.



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  1. If you grew up with a sister, you know the drill: No matter how much you love your sis, there will always be those moments when you just.

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