Can you get pregnant on the depo shot

Birth Control Shot

can you get pregnant on the depo shot

Only 1 out of 99 women get pregnant on Depo-Provera—and Olivia was one of them. Birth control pills offered failure rates as low as 1%, but if you forget, that .

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It is made up of a hormone similar to progesterone and is given as a shot into the woman's arm or buttocks. Each shot provides protection against pregnancy for up to 14 weeks, but the shot should be received once every 12 weeks. Depo-Provera does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. This is a prescription medication and must be ordered by a doctor or nurse practitioner. The injection is usually given in the office by a nurse.

The birth control shot is an injection given to a girl every 3 months to help prevent pregnancy. The birth control shot contains a long acting form of the hormone progestin. The hormone progestin in the birth control shot works by preventing ovulation the release of an egg during the monthly cycle. If a girl doesn't ovulate, she cannot get pregnant because there is no egg to be fertilized. The progestin also thickens the mucus around the cervix. This makes it hard for sperm to enter the uterus and reach any eggs that may have been released.

I use Depo-Provera — the birth control shot. Can I The shot is only effective for 12 weeks, so if you don't get your shot on time, you could get.
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Only 1 out of 99 women get pregnant on Depo-Provera—and Olivia was one of them. See why she didn't discover the pregnancy until months later. Twenty-three-year-old Olivia Barrett knows exactly how. After meeting a new guy, she researched the safest methods of birth contro l. Due to its simplicity, she chose the hormone shot Depo-Provera, which requires injections every 12 weeks for optimal protection. Olivia received her first Depo-Provera shot at a local Planned Parenthood in June , right before her period was expected.

I Got Pregnant on Depo-Provera

Pregnancy While On Birth Control (Obstetrics - High Risk)

Is it possible to get pregnant while on birth control?

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