Girl who looks like barbie

This Is Not a Barbie Doll. This Is an Actual Human Being.

girl who looks like barbie

Imagine a blind date, with all the attendant "Does she look like her picture?" jitters A living Barbie is automatically an Uncanny Valley Girl.

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Andrea Ivanova has always wanted to look like Barbie since she was a girl and she started her transformation last year. This year-old student has transformed into a real-life pouting Barbie doll after undergoing "over 15 procedures" in a year. Andrea Ivanova from the city of Burgas on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast has gone through a complete "metamorphosis" in a year. The student, whose Facebook profile has a Barbie cover photo and now lives in the western Bulgarian capital Sofia, has always wanted to look like Barbie since she was a girl and she started her transformation last year. She said: "Since I was little, I loved Barbie and dreamed about looking like her one day. She reportedly injects hyaluronic acid in her lips and 'refills' them every time they start to reduce in size. She said: "I did maybe over 15 procedures since then [].

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A WOMAN dubbed the 'Human Barbie' has posted a 'make-up free' selfie to inspire Real-life Barbie spends ?k to look like doll and plans more ops despite.
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To look even more as a Barbie and achieve that effect Lukyanova often uses makeup and contact lenses over her naturally green eyes. She has stated that she has had breast implants and that the rest of her body thanks to gym workouts and her diet is completely natural and slender. Her photo-shoots usually try to emphasis her wearing little clothes that show as much as possible of her unreal doll-like figure. However Valeria is by origin Ukrainian same as her mother Irina that worker for the military during the period. Lukyanova had a thing for little doll toys from early age, probably one reason why she herself decided to go in such a direction later in life. Due achieve her body type she is a strict vegetarian, living on a liquid diet. She was raised in Odessa, Ukraine since

Posted January 11, Valeria Lukyanova is one of the Ukrainian women who've had surgery to make themselves look like Barbie. If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC. ABC teams share the story behind the story and insights into the making of digital, TV and radio content. Read about our editorial guiding principles and the enforceable standard our journalists follow.

Barbie doll wannabe has 15 procedures in just one year to look like her idol

Meet the Sask. woman living in a real-life Barbie dream house

Human Barbie doll

There has been scepticism of Lukyanova. ABC News suggested that Lukyanova was a hoax aided by image editing software. Lukyanova admitted to having breast augmentation but no other plastic surgery, [20] [22] [23] and denies that she had ribs removed to make her waist smaller. Lukyanova is an instructor at the School of Out-of-Body Travel, [16] described as "an international school in which our instructors show students how to leave their physical body and travel in their spiritual body. She is a composer, an opera singer, and has recorded two albums of new-age music , Sun in the Eyes and using the name Amatue.

Valeria Lukyanova, 31, shocked the world when the first pictures showing her uncanny resemblance to the popular doll emerged. With her platinum blonde hair, large glassy eyes, long legs, flawless make-up, tiny waist and large bust, she was disturbingly similar to the iconic Barbie. But now the Moldovan-born model has shared a photo that - she claims - shows her real face untouched by makeup. It is so shocking. Her photo was a huge surprise to her fans, who are used to seeing Valeria with bright makeup on almost every picture. She added: "Sometimes I can have very bright makeup for weeks, and then decide against it completely for a while even though my eyes look twice as small this way.

A woman in Bulgaria has undergone a dramatic transformation after having 15 operations in a year in a bid to look like a Barbie doll. Student Andrea Ivanova, from Burgas, said she has always wanted to look like a Barbie doll, ever since she was a young girl. The year-old - who now lives in Sofia - said she began having the operations last year. Now, her lips are exactly how she wants them to be. According to Bulgaria Today , Andrea explained she had undergone 'maybe over 15 procedures' since I wanted to have exactly such lips as the pictures.


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