What does hiv screen 4th generation wrfx non reactive mean

What is a 4th generation HIV test?

what does hiv screen 4th generation wrfx non reactive mean

4th Generation HIV Test Interpretation

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The appropriate tests to aid in the diagnosis of infant HIV infection include 1,10 :. Younger adolescents and older adults who are at increased risk should also be screened. Third-generation test results are considered repeatedly reactive only after a person has developed detectable levels of antibody in their serum or other body fluid. Because third-generation tests detect only antibodies to HIV, they cannot detect HIV infection during acute infection—the period after virus acquisition when viral protein HIV-1 antigen may be detectable but antibodies to HIV are not. Thus fourth-generation-based screening tests can detect HIV during a portion of the acute phase and all of the chronic phase of the disease. This ability has substantial individual and societal benefits. Society benefits because actions can be taken to reduce HIV transmission.

Fourth-generation HIV tests can detect both HIV antibodies and p24 antigens, whereas older versions only check for antibodies. Fourth-generation tests detect the virus as soon as possible, which allows for earlier treatment. Fourth-generation tests detect two factors in the blood.
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HIV Testing


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  1. Fourth Generation: The 4th generation test, is a type of blood test which A non- reactive result means that no HIV antibodies were detected.

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