How much does it cost to refinish floors

How Much Does It Cost To Refinish Hardwood Floors?

how much does it cost to refinish floors

Wood Floor Refinishing FAILS! (YouTubers Called Out!)

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The wide range in prices reflects all the factors that impact cost, such as the number of square feet in your project, your zip code, special features of your floor, prep and repair work needed and material costs. After prepping the room, refinishing professionals use special equipment to sand down the top layer of wood and old finish, removing damage and scratches, eliminating dullness and smoothing out patchy color. After a series of pre-work steps, contractors finish the sanded floors with a clear, water-based polyurethane coat or wood stain. Let's take a look at all the factors and additional costs that affect the price tag of this process. Most hardwood floor refinishers charge by the square foot, and that cost is determined by special features, number of stairs and any repair work needed.

One of the great things about having a hardwood floor is that even when it eventually wears down and starts to show signs of age, you have the option of refinishing the material to revitalize it completely. This involves sanding down the surface past any finish or blemishes and then re-applying color treatments and seal. The finished product will look like a completely new hardwood floor and can be achieved for a fraction of the price of a new installation. The price of a refinishing project is determined by the materials, the equipment used, and the number of hours of labor that it takes to perform the job. In general, for a basic refinishing job, it will take a contractor about hours per square feet of space. There are four major labor parts of a hardwood refinishing project that need to be accounted for in any estimate. This involves getting the floor ready to be refinished and will consist of things like repairing damaged areas, cleaning it thoroughly, and then ensuring that the surface is completely dry and free of any particles before proceeding.

The difficulty in refinishing a floor can range from as simple as applying a new coat of finish to sanding, staining, and finishing the entire floor. Compared to the price of a new hardwood floor , this is a bargain. If you have a hardwood floor that is starting to look faded in places, how bad is it? This is an important question because refinishing a hardwood floor involves revamping the entire floor space. You cannot simply do a patch job of areas which have undergone more wear and tear than others. If you decide that your floor definitely needs to be refinished, you will have to have the entire floor done in one go.

Track my home. Is your old flooring looking like it needs refinishing? Hardwood not laminate flooring, that is. If you're looking to refinish wood floors, you're probably wondering how much this project is going to cost per square foot? Just think: Years or decades of scratches, scuff marks, gouges, and random blood stains hey, no judgments!

The Cost to Refinish Hardwood Floors

However, hardwood floors have to put up with a lot of wear, like walking, furniture moving, and general activities of day-to-day life., Change cost factors, combine homewyse items and add items you create - in a resuable pricing app customized to your business.

How Much Does it Cost to Refinish a Hardwood Floor? 2019 Cost Guide

Do you have hardwood floors in your home? Are they old and tired looking? These days hardwood flooring is expensive, so you are already ahead of the game if you have hardwoods in your home. While there is some cost involved as we will discuss below , you can have stunning, high-quality floors again. And for less than it would cost to replace them with new flooring. So, how much exactly would it cost to refinish your hardwood floors? That depends on a few factors.


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