How much is the yearly fee for planet fitness

Does Planet Fitness Charge Hidden Fees?

how much is the yearly fee for planet fitness

Planet Fitness Scam

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They call this their "Annual Fee". Planet Fitness is the only place I have an automated payment taken out from my bank account too so they automatically took the money out and did not send me a notice. They were waiving the initiation fee and the first yr annual fee. To me this meant for the next year to lock in the same price. Certainly not anyone I know.

If one thing is certain, summer is made for indulging in BBQ and sweet treats. Now is a good time to beat that feeling with a shiny new relatively cheap health club or gym membership. With those specifications in mind, many will turn to Planet Fitness. Keep scrolling for a break down of everything you need to know before becoming a member of the Judgement Free Zone. Because Planet Fitnesses are all franchised, rules and restrictions may vary from club to club. Thus, always contact your local Planet Fitness to confirm any of what is below, or ask about other details and clarifications.

Yes, he was 6 beers deep and full of carne asada. But dammit, things were different this year: He was going to do it! But by early February, his commitment began to wane. A little too ambitious there, Josh? The reasons for this are rooted in the way we make commitments for self-betterment, the core business model of the fitness industry, and even behavioral economics.

Enter Planet Fitness. But your inner skeptic is probably wondering if this deal is really as good as it seems. Since most Planet Fitness clubs are owned by franchisees, signup fees vary. Even once you account for the annual fee and signup fee, the Planet Fitness is affordable. Planet Fitness Andrew H.

There must be some hidden fees, right? There could be a registration fee, an annual maintenance fee, and a cancellation fee. These vary by location. Still, Planet Fitness is one of the lowest cost fitness options around. As a low cost gym, their facilities are usually equipped with equipment that is modern enough, but basic. There are few amenities.


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