Fist of legend full movie in hindi free download

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fist of legend full movie in hindi free download

The Forbidden Kingdom

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In the very first scene of Fist of Legend , a group of Japanese karate students burst into a college engineering classroom. In the fight that ensues, Li beats the shit out of every last one of those Japanese thugs, breaking legs and smashing heads through desks. My favorite moment in there: Li grabs one assailant by the jaw, wiggles it around a couple of times, and then lets it go. The guy presumably still has functional arms and legs; he could keep trying to fight Li if he really wanted. Instead, he staggers backward and stupidly points at his hanging-open mouth. He just cannot believe what this fucker just did to his mouth, and that disbelief pretty much short-circuits his brain. Later, we see his teacher popping his jaw back into its socket, and he spends the rest of the scene standing around, looking angry but chastened and rubbing his jaw.

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Fist Of Legend 1994

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