California high speed rail authority

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california high speed rail authority

California high-speed will rail change the way Californians travel the state by offering a cleaner, alternative form of transportation. It will spur economic growth .

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To contact the Authority's Board of Directors, please use the following email address: boardmembers hsr. Click here for additional information about the Board of Directors. The California High-Speed Rail Authority makes every effort to ensure the website is translated in a linguistically and culturally appropriate way. The Authority respects your privacy and will not share the registration list with others except as required by law. First Name, Last Name : Information in these fields is used to identify your message submission. Email Address : Your email address will also be used to send information if you sign up for Email Alerts. Your Message : Please enter your comments, questions or requests about the project.

Gavin Newsom called for focusing the effort on a mile Central Valley stretch. According to the report, electric trains capable of traveling mph will run by , with connecting service to Los Angeles and the Bay Area provided by existing buses and trains. If the line is built before the high-speed trains are ready to go, passenger trains that now serve the Central Valley could be shifted there from tracks they share with freight trains, the report said. The move would speed up existing service and bring in additional revenue for high speed-rail. He asked the rail authority to concentrate on getting trains running as quickly as possible in the Central Valley, where construction on the line began in , and to worry later about building the service out.

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Future extensions are planned to connect to stations in San Diego County via the Inland Empire , as well as to Sacramento. The Bakersfield to Los Angeles segment would be the first instance of a direct passenger train route between the cities since the termination of the Southern Pacific Railroad 's San Joaquin Daylight in Construction began in after a groundbreaking ceremony in Fresno. Up to 24 stations were authorized for the completed system. This system was scheduled be built in two phases.

The Authority is composed of nine members. Five members are appointed by the Governor , two members plus one ex officio are appointed by the Senate Committee on Rules, and two members plus one ex officio are appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly. As noted in James Fallows ' third article in in his series on California's High-Speed Rail project, the Authority was seen as not very effective and possibly even mis-managing the project. Dan Richard, the new Authority chair appointed by Gov. Brown, made this comment for inclusion in his article concerning this charge:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section contains too many or overly lengthy quotations for an encyclopedic entry.

California High-Speed Rail Authority

The Board of Directors consists of nine members: five members appointed by the Governor, two members appointed by the Senate Committee on Rules, and two members appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly. Each Board member represents the entire state and serves a four-year term.




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