Pat d lucky real name

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pat d lucky real name

Pat D Lucky

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My dream is to be as big as Eddie Murphy. I love how he can play just one funny character like in Boomerang or do all different characters like in Nutty Professor , Norbit and even Coming to America. When was the first time you realized that you were accepted into the SM comedian circle? Do you believe that the social media comedians can stand a chance against the traditional stand-up comedians? With social media being your platform, this allows you to be more reachable to your fans, in which ways does this impact your career? On social media you can be more hands on by answering messages or telling people to meet up at a spot on this day at this time. You also get people involved by reposting them if they redid a video acting like you in their own way or following them back on Snapchat or Facebook.

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Lucky, P and Brittany, PatD has made quite a name for himself. From sharing his first media project in and fast forwarding to , the Social media comedian has earned over 1. Lucky sat down with us to talk about his skits, the originality he brings and the pros and con of being a social media influencer. Be original. Stay consistent. Make people see your vision.

Who’s PatD Lucky? Bio: Ethnicity, Parents, Family, Wedding, Salary, Affair

PatD Lucky

Social NetworkingWhile there are many others who choose it as a platform to showcase their talent A lot of men and women choose the social networking websites for pleasure. PatD Lucky is among these. Lucky, P, and Grandma, instead of his actual name. PatD StarPatD was a soccer and baseball player at his school. He was.

Many people take the social networking sites for fun, while there are others who take it as a platform to expose their talent in front of the world. PatD Lucky is one of them. He is famous as an Instagram comedian whose memes, video content and vlog-like pictures have been able to earn him 1. Lucky, P, and Grandma, rather than his real name. Before rising to the fame, PatD was a baseball and football player in his high school.


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