125 best pressure cooker recipes

This mom dropped 125 pounds by cooking everything in an Instant Pot

125 best pressure cooker recipes

TOP 6 Easiest Things to Cook in Your Instant Pot - Perfect for Beginners

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When you first see someone's crazy weight-loss transformation , your initial thought is probably, Damn, they look goo d; followed almost immediately by, Damn, how did they do that?! In her new cookbook, Brittany Williams gives you the exact recipes she used to lose pounds in a year—all of which she cooked in her Instant Pot her cookbook is aptly named the Instant Loss Cookbook. There are no gimmicks to the Instant Loss Cookbook , either. Instead, "it's a book about listening to your body, eating real food from the earth, and making yourself a priority. The author : Brittany Williams lost pounds cooking these recipes, made and formulated from scratch, in her Instant Pot. What you'll get : Recipes—, to be exact—most of which are dairy- and grain-free her preference.

One million pressure cookers are sold annually in North America. Advances in pressure cooker design have made these small appliances safer and more convenient than ever before. Meals cook 75 percent faster, and they are significantly healthier, since the food retains more of its nutrient value while requiring less fat. Pressure cookers are amazingly versatile:. There is comprehensive information on all aspects of pressure cooking, including guidelines for adapting your own recipes, compensating for the effects of altitude on pressure cooking, as well as a comparison of the various styles and models of cookers on the market.

Best Pressure Cooker Recipes. February Think of food that s made for enjoying in the company of family and friends. Food that offers a limitless.
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By Lauren Steussy. September 25, pm Updated September 26, am. The year-old mother of three has shed pounds with the help of an Instant Pot, a popular multicooker celebrated for its ability to pressure cook food at warp speed. Before she plugged in the pot, meals meant milkshakes and cheeseburgers for Williams, who grew up in California and Texas among a family of nine. By the time she was 20 and married, in , she was pounds. Shortly after her wedding, she had her first baby, and hit pounds.

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Where you like to use a classic pressure cooker or an Instant Pot , these recipes are sure to make cooking dinner a snap! Follow Real Housemoms on Pinterest. Hearty beef recipes are a favorite at my house. They invoke all the feelings of comfort food! A big bowl of soup is one of my favorite meals! Your favorite recipes just got easier with your pressure cooker! See how versatile your pressure cooker can be with these yummy recipes!

Best Pressure Cooker Recipes

The Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook for Two: 125 Easy, Perfectly-Portioned Recipes




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