Paul gilbert behold electric guitar

Master Guitarist Paul Gilbert To Release New Album, Behold Electric Guitar

paul gilbert behold electric guitar

Paul Gilbert - Blues For Rabbit (Behold Electric Guitar)

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For all of those guitar heads out there Cuniberti should perk up your ears as he has been Joe Satriani's longtime producer. He's the master at making guitar players sound as good as they can. So they brought in a few more mics and recorded all the tracks live and in one take. The results are simply the best Paul Gilbert album yet. A mature and engaging album of tasteful shredding and soulful grooves. I first discovered Paul Gilbert when I was a freshman in high school. My admiration for the guy was solidified during a guitar clinic I saw Paul at not long after that in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the Music Spectrum.

What can I say about Paul Gilbert? The Mascot Label Group is also working with him to make this new album available to everyone. The title is genius… Behold Electric Guitar without any punctuation says it all as Paul brings his unique attack, tone and innate sense of riff and melody together on a twelve track journey that studies the capabilities of the player and the instrument and both speak volumes. Plus, the musicianship and flair is beyond doubt, and he also manages to appeal to 70s fusion fans, rock fans as well as guitar geeks like wot I am. It also has some of the best song titles ever and he should be congratulated on that too. That is the skill of the instrumental composer and a skill very few have.

Most of the songs on Behold Electric Guitar were inspired by me writing lyrics, and singing vocal melodies. At some point, I would translate the vocal melody into a guitar melody. Here are some ideas about the beginnings of each song, and what the songs mean to me. This is the idea that even when I am satisfied with something, I still want more! It can be love, or guitars, or a great musical groove in the key of C.

The songwriting process on Behold Electric Guitar is interesting, and not what you would expect from a virtuoso shredder like Paul. Paul started most of the songs by writing lyrics first. Then the melody, with the right chords, arrangement and groove is formed. And then the lyrics are translated to a guitar melody, completely tossing out the lyrics. Behold Electric Guitar will be released worldwide on CD, double vinyl and digitally.

Surprise! Paul Gilbert Quietly Releases New Album, “Behold Electric Guitar”!

Paul Gilbert is mostly known for the bands that he has been playing with during his thirty years of music career Mr BIg, Racer X but reality is a bit different. Paul, one of the most charismatic guitarists that have ever existed on this planet, has released many solo albums in the past., Perhaps best known for his work with Mr Big and Racer X, Paul Gilbert is an American guitarist of note with a body of work that underscores his remarkable work rate.


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  1. The guitar world, which is populated by countless six-or-more-string virtuosos, would be incomplete without Paul Gilbert in it.

  2. Surprise! Paul Gilbert Quietly Releases New Album, "Behold Electric Guitar"! - Everything Is Noise

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