How to get away with murder vivian maddox

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how to get away with murder vivian maddox

Sam’s Letter - How To Get Away With Murder

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We may have finally gotten some answers about Gabriel Maddox Rome Flynn in How to Get Away with Murder 's midseason premiere, but sadly, we're still totally in the dark about his true motives and who in the living hell he was on the phone with at the end of the episode. We do, however, know who Frank Charlie Weber was on the phone with in last year's finale when he relayed the news that Gabriel had turned up at Middleton. Through a series of flashbacks, we learned that after Annalise Viola Davis and Sam Tom Verica lost their unborn child in that car crash in Season 3, Sam reached out to his ex-wife, Vivian, in an attempt to meet the son he'd ignored up until now. How much Gabriel knew about his dad, on the other hand, is a much fuzzier picture. As far as we know, they only met once in the hallway outside Gabriel's grandmother's apartment, and Gabriel thought he was just some guy. In the present, however, Gabriel had a copy of the email Sam sent to Vivian asking to be in Gabriel's life.

Gabriel Maddox is one of the main characters , who initially appeared as a minor character in the fourth season , on How to Get Away with Murder. He is an student at Middleton University who Frank played a secret interest to. It was later revealed that Gabriel is infact the son of Sam Keating from his first wife, Vivian Maddox. May , Gabriel was born to Vivian Maddox. When Gabriel was young, his father came round to his apartment looking to be a part of his life. Gabriel's grandmother Gwen , however, turned him away, refusing to let him know his son. On his way out, Gabriel bumped into his father.

Need to catch up? Despite all of the secrets, lies and mysteries on How to Get Away With Murder — and there are plenty of those — one thing is always certain: Sam Keating and technology should never, ever mix. Once Gabriel found that document, he decided to come to Middleton in search of answers — though he insists that his drive to be a lawyer is very real. Gabriel is especially curious about how his father died, and Annalise confirms that it was Wes who killed him; she even plays Gabriel the voicemail that Wes left her in Season 3 , where he confessed to murdering Sam. And why does Annalise believe that Sam was a bad guy? Annalise, of course, has her fair share of unsavory Sam anecdotes, and she urges Gabriel to understand that his father was a liar and a scoundrel and a heartbreaker.

'How To Get Away With Murder' fans are screaming over the shocking twist in the mid-season finale

Read at your own risk! How to Get Away with Murder finally gave us the answer we've been waiting for about Gabriel Maddox's Rome Flynn true identity, and naturally, it left us with even more questions than we started with. It turns out, Gabriel isn't Annalise's Viola Davis son like many fans thought when the governor started throwing around threats about her past involvement in an adoption.




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