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janet jackson pleasure principle video

The accompanying music video for "The Pleasure Principle" was inspired by " Janet Jackson's 'Pleasure Principle' ó the iconic.

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Janet Jackson is officially back. It's been four long years since Janet has been on tour and seven since her last album release. September Janet fans know exactly what to expect -- hit songs, but also epic choreography performed by the queen herself backed up by world-class dancers. From her classic slow jams to her uptempo hits over the decades, Janet's versatility as an artist and a dancer solidifies her place as one of music's all-time legends.

Written and produced by Monte Moir, the song is an "independent woman" anthem about love gone wrong built around a dance beat. It was not included on the janet. Tour and the All for You Tour. Released in mid, "The Pleasure Principle" peaked at number 14 on the Billboard Hot that summer, becoming the only song released from Control to miss the top five of the chart. Outside the U. In the video, Jackson enters a loft to practice her dancing. She gives a solo dance performance while singing about the pleasure principle.

Janet Jackson , who is in the midst of her four-month Las Vegas residency Metamorphosis and is set to take the stage at Glastonbury Festival next month, is as iconic as ever. Turning 53 today, her rock-hard body remains an ageless wonder. But a quick look back through her music video oeuvre serves as a reminder that for all of her silky vocal talent, Jackson is first and foremost a dancer that will never stop moving. This, after all, is a child of the Jackson family, who in all probability picked up popping and locking from her brothers well before she learned to walk. And as the performer has gotten a little older, a little wiser, and a little bolder, she has also become stronger and leaner, never letting her roster of backup dancers pick up her slack. How does she maintain her endurance and six-pack three decades into the game?

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Wall humps! Crotch grabs! Why Janet Jacksonís Pleasure Principle is popís most influential video

The photo for the single cover was shot by fashion photographer David LaChapelle. -


The Pleasure Principle (song)




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