Courage the cowardly dog villains

Mad Dog (Courage the Cowardly Dog)

courage the cowardly dog villains

Katz is the main antagonist in the Cartoon Network series Courage the.

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Eustace Bagge is the tritagonist and the overall main antagonist in Courage the Cowardly Dog. He is Muriel's cranky husband and one of Courage's two owners. He is also the latter's most hated enemy. Eustace has several antagonistic roles throughout the series, one of the most notable is in the episode, " Ball of Revenge ", where he gathers and meets up with the villains that Courage had previously encountered and either outwitted or defeated to get rid of him by challenging him to a game of dodgeball. That episode arguably cemented Eustace as a villain and the direct threat and most dangerous enemy to Courage. However, sometimes he teams up with Courage if need be, as seen in a few episodes such as Bad Hair Day.

Mad Dog is an evil pimp and crime lord who kidnapped Bunny from her girlfriend, Kitty due to jealousy and made her into a prostitute. He forced Kitty to leave town as well. It was because of him that the Kitty believed all dogs were evil. Any time Bunny did something such as try to escape, he would punish her by burying her in a flower pot, leaving only her head to surface. Being scarred by Mad Dog's actions, Kitty arrived at Courage's house, repeatedly beating him due to being under the notion that all dogs are evil.

He brings about three plagues on the Bagge family in order to retrieve an ancient slab that was stolen from his tomb. Eustace , realizing that the the stone tablet is worth a huge amount of cash, refuses to give it back despite being plagued by the mummy's curse. He was voiced by the series' creator John R. King Ramses is the mummy of an Egyptian pharaoh whose soul is disturbed when a stone tablet is looted from his tomb. He first confronts the two greedy grave robbers who hid the slab next to the Bagges' water pump, sending a swarm of locusts to devour them. When Courage finds the relic, Eustace is initially uninterested, but immediately clings to the slab when he realizes it's worth a million dollars.

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This article is a stub and is in need of expansion. You can help Villains Wiki by expanding it. Though, it is unknown if he was even aware of Courage's existence before he arrived at the farmhouse. He speaks in an eerie, yet polite tone with an English accent. He always acts pleasantly and never yells or gets angry. In the past, Freaky Fred has shaved many unwilling people and animals due to his disorder, trichotemnomania. Previous victims include, a man that visited his barber shop, his pet hamster the first of his victims , and even his ex-girlfriend Barbara.

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