Where is john mccain going to be laid to rest

With a final flourish, Sen. John McCain laid to rest at U.S. Naval Academy

where is john mccain going to be laid to rest

Sep 2, John McCain was buried at the U.S. Naval Academy on Sunday, the I'm going to say that nobody loved a soldier more than John McCain.

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John McCain, a former fighter pilot. John McCain was laid to rest at the U. Some held elaborate signs with photos of McCain. Ann Hewitt, an year-old Annapolis woman, stood silently with a U. McCain's motorcade cut through a silent crowd, which poured into the street behind him.

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By Marisa Schultz and Laura Italiano. September 2, pm Updated September 3, am. The Vietnam War hero, maverick senator and two-time presidential candidate was bade farewell in a private ceremony beside the Severn River by his closest family members and friends, along with military dignitaries and members of his academy Class of Chuck Larson, met as young men six decades ago. The senator died Aug. A non-conformist to the end, McCain chose to be buried at the academy instead of Arlington National Cemetery with his father and grandfather, both admirals. Larson and McCain were Naval Academy roommates; Larson, who died in , is a former academy superintendent who had reserved four burial plots for himself, McCain and their spouses.

John McCain was laid to rest at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, on Sunday, a day after a ceremony in Washington, DC, where thousands of prominent figures in business, politics, the media, and the military came to pay their respects. In contrast, Sunday's ceremony at McCain's alma mater was small and private. The senator graduated from the elite naval academy in , where he met his friend Chuck Larson before serving in Vietnam as a Navy fighter pilot. McCain and Larson, a US admiral who died in , forged a strong bond and decided to be buried next to each other. Navy via AP. Family and friends walked behind the carriage holding McCain's casket. Navy jets formed a "missing man" formation in the sky in his honor.

John McCain funeral: Senator laid to rest at US Naval Academy

Senator John McCain laid to rest

Sen. John McCain Laid To Rest In Private Burial Ceremony

Naval Academy yearbook noted his "bouts with the academic and executive departments contributed much to the stockpiles of legends within the hall. McCain died Aug. Chandra Bappanad, who said she is retired from the banking industry, was trying to get a glimpse of the McCain motorcade through one of the academy's gates. She lives nearby on Maryland Avenue. When they're right across the street, why not? And he lived it. And he did it.

In this U. Navy handout, Midshipmen salute the late Sen. Navy via Getty Images. About 4 p. The burial was private as per the wishes of McCain, the Arizona Republican and presidential nominee died Aug.


McCain laid to rest at Naval Academy alongside old friend




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