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brown paper bag book cover

ATC Paper Bag Book

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And the beauty of this project is that it's an easy way to recycle. Start by removing the handles if there are any. In most cases, you can simply peel them off carefully with your hands. Find the seam of the bag and cut down till you reach the bottom. Then carefully cut off the entire bottom of the bag.

In this instcrutable I am going to show you how to make a paper bag book cover. But the great is that you only need some scissors and a brown paper bag or just a paper bag. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Like in picture 1. Like in picture 2. C Then you are going to do the same thing to the other side but you may need to cut some of it off if its too long again make sure it is tight Like in picture 5 and 6.

Covering a book with paper protects the hardcover from wear and tear. Using a brown paper bag also allows you to personalize the cover with your own.
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Using paper bags to cover your books is a quick, fun way to give them a touch of rustic charm or a simple disguise. Materials needed: a book to cover and a paper bag not pictured: scissors. Depending on the size of the book you want to cover, you can use a paper grocery bag usually enough paper for two standard hardcovers, maybe a textbook or a brown paper lunch bag good for one smaller hardcover. In order to get the most out of one bag as possible, instead of cutting out flat pieces, you should be able to find a glued seam on the back face of the bag that you can gently pull apart. There will also be some glued seams and folds on the bottom of the bag that can be taken apart as well. You will end up with one large, flat piece of brown paper.

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. All opinions are mine alone. I have vivid memories of my mom making paper bag book covers every year. The first day of school, I would lug all of my hard cover books home in my backpack. She would get to work right after dinner, covering them with brown paper bags that she had been hoarding all summer. My favorite part was decorating.

You know you did this project in grade school, every year, every textbook. But have you done it since? And it took a while to remember exactly how to make these book covers, but as I finished them and as the girls happily decorated them, I remembered all the reasons that we used to make these as kids, and all those reasons are STILL great. First of all, you get to save some wear to your book. Also, though, the blank slate that a brown paper bag gives to your book is a terrific outlet for creativity. Ink in your own book cover! Decoupage photos of your cat!

Old Fashioned Paper Bag Book Covers

Paper Bag Book Cover

Some classes at your school may require you to cover your books for the school year. Instead of going out and spending money on book covers that may or may not be one size fits all, you can make your own for free out of a paper bag. The Spanish teachers at our school demonstrate the method I'm going to show you here. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. First look for a seem on your paper bag.


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