454 casull vs 44 mag ballistics

.44 Magnum VS .454 Casull

454 casull vs 44 mag ballistics

44 Magnum vs 454 Casull vs 500 S&W Magnum vs Pine Boards (Xtreme Penetrators)

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Discussion in ' Hunting Handguns ' started by vampile , Feb 8, Log in or Sign up. Feb 8, 1. Looking to get a hunting handgun this spring and had a couple questions. Have it narrowed down to a ruger super redhawk and a taurus raging bull. Both with long barrels over 7" preferred.

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Talk about a match made in heaven! A dependable, strong, accurate revolver, chambered in a cartridge pushing a grain round nosed lead bullet at over 1, fps made for a combination that would go on to become the name of a Major League baseball team. While many handgun hunters use the. Not that there are any flies on the old. I carry and hunt with the.

The .454 Casull Revolver Cartridge

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This is a discussion on. How does it compare in performance, power, load versitlity etc.?, In this article, we will go over some key differences, and what situations may be better for each caliber. This name would suggest that the bullet is.



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  1. We love our high horsepower cars, our torque-laden diesel trucks and motorcycles, and of course more germane to this, the most powerful cartridges we can stuff into our firearms.

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