Candide make our garden grow

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candide make our garden grow

Candide - Make our garden grow (Groves/Chenoweth/LuPone/Allen/Blumenkrantz/LaManna)

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On this rainy dog day of summer, it seems that it would be a bright token to treat you to this incredible rendition of Make Our Garden Grow from the musical Candide sung by Barbra Streisand. There is no question that it will cheer you up by its extraordinary artistry and sheer optimism. The song has never appeared on any album because of an apparent pitch problem in the performance; but the overall interpretation of the song is quite astounding. The operetta was the dream child of Leonard Bernstein. Although unsuccessful at its premiere, Candide has now overcome the unenthusiastic reaction of early critics and achieved enormous popularity, especially the music. It is popular among major Universities and music schools as a student show because of the quality of its music and the opportunities it offers to student performers. As expected by Voltaire, Candide has enjoyed both great success and great scandal.

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This arrangement imaginatively sets it for violin solo and orchestra. John Corigliano, Jr. Bernstein later hired him as a script assistant for the famous Young People's Concerts. Corigliano also developed a friendship with the violin virtuoso Joshua Bell when the latter played on the soundtrack of the film The Red Violin. Corigliano 's score, which won an Academy Award, naturally featured a prominent violin part. When Bell scheduled a recording for Sony Classics that featured music of Bernstein arranged for violin and orchestra, Corigliano provided this arrangement both in friendship to Bell and in tribute to his relationship with Bernstein.

In between cute tunes with dazzling choreography and underlying jokes about the surreal situation we find ourselves in this election season, our directors included solemn and serious songs as well. This operetta follows the eponymous character through his life as he tries to endure hardships, living by the philosophy that all things happen for good. Originally a satirical novel by Voltaire, the story comments on social values in regards to money, relationships, slavery, religion, and the wickedness of people. At the end of his adventure, Candide buys a farm for his family, and cue the ballad! If you are unfamiliar with the song, take a look at the lyrics below:.

Finale: Make Our Garden Grow lyrics - Candide Cast

Candide Make Our Garden Grow: Bernstein Hadley Anderson



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  1. Utah Symphony | Utah Opera | “Make Our Garden Grow” Candide Fundraising Soiree

  2. Finale: Make Our Garden Grow lyrics: CANDIDE You've been a fool And so have I, But come and be my wife. And let us try, Before we die, To make some sense.

  3. CANDIDE You've been a fool. And so have I, But come and be my wife. And let us try, Before we die, To make some sense of life. We're neither pure, nor wise.

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