Cam newton hall of fame

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cam newton hall of fame

Are there any players in the pro football Hall of Fame who never touched the ball during their career? Is Andrew Luck on track to make the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Should Matthew Stafford be elected to the football Hall of Fame when he becomes eligible?.

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Is Cam Newton a human being? Or some sort of other-worldly entity? To many, Cam is the present and future of the quarterback position. Madden players all around the world create their own versions of quarterbacks in create-a-player mode. The vast majority of them carry similar traits and attributes to Cam Newton; a strong, accurate deep ball paired with crazy speed, agility and toughness.

That's the question we posed to Yardbarker editors and writers, and boy did we have some spirited debates. No blood was shed, however. So we put together a list. The criteria was simple:. Mind-blowing stat: Brady has 11, career playoff passing yards 3, more than anyone else. If Peyton Manning is removed from this equation, Brady has at least twice as many postseason passing yards as any other quarterback. While Brady has been blessed with great circumstances, this may be the quickest Hall of Fame conversation in the museum's history.

The Carolina Panthers have yet to have a player enshrined forever in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH. Because we are only focusing on current Panthers players, that means that Steve Smith will not be discussed. He led Blinn to a Junior College National Championship.
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Quarterback becomes the first player in NFL history to pass for yards and rush for two touchdowns in a conference championship game. NFL Network's Michael Robinson predicts which running backs he believes will perform well in Week 1 of the season. Watch as the Panthers owner meets with reporters after the backpack and school supplies distribution event Friday at Albermarle Road Middle School. The rookie quarterback admits he still has a lot to learn, but confident after performance against Pittsburgh. Watch the highlights from Carolina's win over Pittsburgh in the fourth week of the preseason.

Cam Newton will be a Hall of Fame quarterback. Of course, only time will tell if Cam is on track for a storied career, a solid, yet uninspiring, perennial starting role, or if he is a four-week flash in the pan whose production, charisma, and athleticism will dwindle over time before he is little more than a serviceable backup bouncing around the league looking to regain his once-boundless potential. Finally, many have demonstrated elusiveness and escapability to move around the pocket and run up field when necessary. For Cam, this is merely a prerequisite. He is highly durable, which enables him to avoid nagging injuries ala Tim Couch , and this level of talent allows him time and opportunity to learn the game at a pace that is comfortable for him.

The most compelling stats: Newton has the second most total touchdowns and the second most total yards of any QB during that stretch. Only Peyton Manning beat him out in yardage and Dan Marino in touchdowns:. Newton is a unique case because so much of his production comes as a rusher. That has unfairly given him a different sort of reputation as other elite QBs around the league. Newton has also been routinely victimized by double standards in officiating and his general treatment by the media. The same issues that have plagued his perception so far could be a detriment for his chances of making the hall.

Will Cam Newton make the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Cam Newton: 5 Reasons He Will Be a Hall of Fame Quarterback


Cam Newton will be a Hall of Fame quarterback. That's right, four weeks into the NFL season, and it's time to forecast exotic outcomes with minimal.
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