Nba 2k league draft 2019

2019 NBA 2K League Draft Order

nba 2k league draft 2019

NBA 2K League Finals - 76ers GC vs T-Wolves Gaming


The league was announced on February 9, Players had to win a number of games in Pro-Am mode and submit a following application. The inaugural season lasted for 17 weeks, beginning with the tip-off tournament from May , with the first weekly match ups taking place on May There was an additional two tournaments during the season before the playoffs began on August 17, concluding with the NBA 2K League Finals on August All games were live streamed on Twitch and available to view on demand after the live broadcasts.

The second annual NBA 2K League draft took place on Tuesday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and it was a special event for an eSports vehicle still in its infancy, but making clear strides. The venue was larger than it was last year. The presentation was grander and much more organized from top to bottom. Even if you walked into the building with skepticism, the atmosphere could have won you over. Evans is the first woman selected in the esports league. Easily the biggest story at the draft was Warriors Gaming drafting Chiquita Evans in the fourth round.

2019 NBA 2K League Draft: Full Draft Results

2019 NBA 2K League Draft Board

Prior to the Expansion Draft, the original 17 teams each protected two players who were on their year one roster. The 34 protected players two from each of the original 17 teams were ineligible to be drafted by an expansion team. After the Expansion Draft, the original 17 teams had the opportunity to retain up to two additional players from their year one roster who were not selected in the Expansion Draft. Also, during the designated trade window from September 27 through October 10, teams were allotted a total of two trades. All trades were required to have a ratio i. Teams could not trade two picks for one player or vice versa.

NBA 2K League 2019 Draft: 10 Major Takeaways From Second Annual Event

The NBA 2K League draft saw 75 players picked by the 21 franchises, rounding out their rosters ahead of the April 2 start date. The draft saw 75 players picked by the 21 franchises, rounding out their rosters ahead of the April 2 start date. Though Jazz Gaming had a down outing in the inaugural season, they now possess one of the more intriguing cores in the league. Ria, Yeah I Compete and power forward Deedz could easily lift this team into the playoff picture in With the selection, Chiquitae becomes the first female player in the 2K League.

Evans was one of two female gamers who were available in the player pool for the draft. She tried to make it in the league last year, but found resistence from male gamers who would refuse to pass her the ball, making it difficult to put up the stats impressive enough to join the league. NBA commissioner Adam Silver said after the first draft in that the lack of women was "a disappointment for all of us so far. While Evans making history is a great start to the league, she's still the lone female selected in a player draft. There's still a lot more work to be done to include more women in the league, and Evans believes that her making history will lead to greater things in the future.




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