Nick lowe jesus of cool

Jesus of Cool

nick lowe jesus of cool

Nick Lowe - So It Goes (Official Video)

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Or browse results titled :. Nick Lowe London, UK. Contact Nick Lowe. Streaming and Download help. If you like Nick Lowe, you may also like:. On their new LP, the group marry expansive sonics to pointed cultural critiques.

Nick Lowe: Jesus of Cool

Equal parts shimmering disco and dingy pub, with frequent surprisingly coherent stylistic asides, Nick Lowe's clever, fierce, and far-reaching album is re-released with a handful of well-chosen bonus tracks and some exquisite packaging. In Jesus of Cool 's iconic cover image, Nick Lowe appears decked out in a smorgasbord of over-the-top rockstar getups. These images are perfectly considered, down to the facial hair stylings and thematically appropriate guitars-- but Lowe comes off goofy and unconvincing in every guise.

Nick Lowe's solo debut album, Jesus of Cool , is one of the great lost pop records of the last 30 years. It spent most of the CD era as an out-of-print rarity, despite being briefly reissued by Demon Records in the mid-'90s. Instead, it's an audacious experiment in chameleonic shapeshifting -- which, like the tongue-in-cheek poses struck on the record's sleeve cover, reflects the album's overriding theme of the disposability of music industry and culture -- that moves effortlessly between mutations of rock and pop. Lowe is everything and everybody on Jesus of Cool : the riff rocker and the disco popper; the ska sympathizer and glam apologist; the big rock producer and the scrabbling indie contender. In his most meta moments, Lowe targets the shallowness of pop culture and idolatry with cynical and snarky narratives, while remaining a staunch perpetrator of pop form. As a seminal debunker and defender of pop greatness, Jesus of Cool is a record that manages to play both sides.

Nick proves that assumption correct on Jesus of Cool , a record so good it was named twice, as Lowe 's American record label got the jitters with Jesus and renamed it Pure Pop for Now People , shuffling the track listing but not swapping songs in the process. As it happens, both titles are accurate, but while the U. This is pop about pop, a record filled with songs that tweak or spin conventions, or are about the industry. Only a writer with a long, hard battle with the biz in his past could write "Music for Money" and much of Jesus of Cool does feel like a long-delayed reaction to the disastrous American debut of Brinsley Schwarz , where the band's grand plans at kick-starting their career came crumbling down and pushed them into the pubs. Once there, the Brinsleys spearheaded the back-to-basics pub rock movement in England and as the years rolled on the band got loose, as did Lowe 's writing, which got catchier and funnier on the group's last two albums, Nervous on the Road and New Favourites of Brinsley Schwarz. In retrospect, it's possible to hear him inch toward the powerful pop of Jesus of Cool on the Dave Edmunds -produced New Favourites , plus the handful of singles the group cut toward the end of their career -- it's not far cry from the Brinsleys ' stomping cover of Tommy Roe 's "Everybody" to the shake and pop of Jesus -- but even with this knowledge in hand, Jesus of Cool still sounds like an unexpected explosion as it bursts forth with blindingly bright colors and a cavalcade of giddy pure sound.

Jesus of Cool is the solo debut album by British singer-songwriter Nick Lowe. In the United States, the album was reconfigured by Columbia Records and retitled Pure Pop for Now People , a slogan that had appeared on the original UK album cover, with Columbia opting for a different track listing: "Shake and Pop" was replaced with "They Called It Rock," a slightly different version of the song by Lowe's sister band Rockpile , which had been included as a single-sided bonus 45 in the original UK album; the live version of "Heart of the City" was replaced with a studio version that had been released as the b-side of Lowe's " So It Goes " single on Stiff Records ; and "Rollers Show," a song originally released by Lowe in as a United Artists novelty single under the name Tartan Horde a follow-up to their single "Bay City Rollers We Love You" [12] , was added. The songs are also in a different order than the UK version. Jesus of Cool has been highly acclaimed by critics. Jesus of Cool has a number of tracks attacking the commercialism and greed of the record industry and the shallow content of pop music: "Music for Money," the fraternal twin songs "Shake and Pop" and "They Called It Rock," and "Rollers Show," the last being a parody of the teen audience of the Bay City Rollers. Although musically sophisticated in conventional genres, the album shares the energy, cynicism and rebelliousness of the contemporary new wave movement.



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